Who is collecting your personal information on behalf of Santa?

New Zealand Post is collecting your name and address details (on behalf of Santa) for the purpose of sending you a ‘thank you’ letter from Santa, so you know he has received your Christmas letter.

What happens to your name and address information after you fill in the online form?

Your personal information is collected and stored by our third party supplier on on a secure server located in Australia on New Zealand Post’s behalf. Information transmitted over the internet is inherently insecure. However, we have physical, electronic and managerial processes in place to protect the information we collect.

After receiving your personal address information, New Zealand Post (with help from Santa) will use your personal address information only to send a reply ‘thank you’ letter.

We may use and share with third parties aggregated, anonymous information regarding letters to Santa usage and trends for data analytics purposes. This information will not be able to be linked back to you.

Need some help writing to Santa?

New Zealand Post works with Santa, and his elves, at Christmas to make sure children receive a reply to their message (you must live in New Zealand though).

Please check below for commonly asked questions. If your question cannot be addressed then please email Santa’s Postal Elves at santa@nzpost.co.nz

How to write to Santa

1. You can use the Make a Postcard for Santa online interactive tool. This is a fun way to write your letter. Create your own favourite Christmas scene to show Santa how you like to celebrate Christmas, tell him if you’ve been naughty or nice, and let him know what gift you might like.

2. Use your favourite pencil or crayon and notepaper and just start writing!

- Send your letter to Santa Claus, c/o Santa’s Workshop, North Pole 0001.

- Make sure you write your name and address clearly on the back of the envelope, so Santa knows where to send a reply.

- Post the letter in a street post box or at a New Zealand Post retail outlet.

- Letters to Santa are free of charge.

When do I need to send Santa a message by?

If you are using the Make a Postcard for Santa online interactive tool the close off date to ensure Santa’s Postal Elves have time to deliver the post is 4 December.

You can also choose to receive an email from Santa, in which case a parent/guardian email will be asked for. After 4 December Santa will be busy gearing up for Christmas so he can only reply by email. This email will arrive in your inbox the next day.

If you write to Santa using the Make a Postcard for Santa online interactive tool after 4 December, a parent/guardian email will be asked for. As Santa will be busy gearing up for Christmas he will reply by email (this will arrive in your inbox 2 days later). A physical reply from Santa will not be sent.

If you are sending a physical letter to Santa please get your letter posted by Friday 9 December.

When will Santa respond?

Santa’s Postal Elves will deliver Santa’s reply from mid to late December, so keep an eye on your letterbox or email inbox closer to Christmas.

I can’t input my address details in the form?

You must have a valid New Zealand address to receive a response from Santa. If you do, and you are still unable to input your address, please email santa@nzpost.co.nz with all your information.

My child is blind? Are they able to receive a message from Santa?

Absolutely! Parents/Guardians of blind children can Make a Postcard for Santa and select the braille tick box option to receive a response from Santa in braille.