Need some help writing to Santa?

NZ Post works with Santa and his elves at Christmas to make sure Kiwi kids receive a reply to their message (you must live in New Zealand though).
Please check below for commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, then please email Santa’s Helpers at

How to write to Santa

Writing to Santa is easy and fun, simply visit to create a special Christmas letter for Santa online. There are also some fun activities on Santa's Ho Ho Homepage to explore.

Kids might need a little help filling in their details so that Santa can ensure their reply gets delivered to the right place.

All letters sent to Santa online will receive a personalised response either by mail (sent by 22nd November) or email (sent between 23 November and 22 December).

If kids would like to send a handwritten letter to Santa*, simply follow the steps below:

*Please note that replies from letters Santa receives by mail are not personalised due to how super busy Santa’s Helpers are at this time of year.

When do I need to send Santa a message by?

For a personalised reply from Santa delivered to your letterbox, the last day for sending online is Monday 22 November 2021.

If you’re sending a handwritten letter to Santa for a non-personalised reply delivered to your letterbox, the last day for posting is Wednesday 1st December 2021.

Don’t worry, if you miss these dates, you can still write to Santa online between 23 November and 22 December 2021 and he’ll send a personalised reply by email the very next day.

When will Santa respond?

Santa’s Helpers will deliver Santa’s reply to your letterbox from mid to late December, so keep an eye out closer to Christmas.

If Santa is responding by email you should receive a reply within 24hrs of submitting your message.

I haven’t received an email response from Santa?

If you haven’t received an email reply from Santa within 24hrs of sending your letter between 23 November and 22 December, check your junk mail as this is sometimes where they go. If it’s not there, the address details provided might have been incorrect, so we’d suggest creating the letter again.

I can’t input my address details in the form?

You must have a valid New Zealand postal address to receive a response from Santa. If you do, and you are still unable to input your address, please email with all your information.

I can’t use my email address again?

Unfortunately, due to Santa’s email software, you can only use an email address once but you can add up to 6 children at a time. Simply click ‘write another letter’ at the end of each letter created.

My child is blind. Are they able to receive a message from Santa?

Absolutely - to receive a non-personalised response in braille to your letterbox, parents/guardians can email with their child’s first name, surname and postal address. Please write Braille in the subject line. The last day for requesting these is Monday 22 November 2021.

Can I request a reply from Santa in Te Reo Māori?

Yes you can request a reply from Santa in Te Reo Māori when writing to Santa using the website. Simply select Te Reo Māori in the dropdown box when you see the Language option.

I’m a teacher wanting to order Santa letters for my class – how do I do this?

If you’d like Santa to send everyone in your class a postcard, follow these easy steps:

What’s the best browser to use to write to Santa and sneak a peek at his Ho Ho Homepage?

Santa recommends that you try and have the most up-to-date version of Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

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